English to Burmese, English to Chin Translation Services: Now Open!

Due to high demand in Chin translation services we are now opening translation services.

This is the first ever and only online translation services for Chin languages. So contact us for any translation you need on the Chin languages.

Chin languages are spoken in the Chin State of Myanmar (Burma), a country under military rule.

Translation services we offer are:

  • English to Burmese translation
  • Burmese to English translation
  • English to Chin translation
  • Chin to English translation
Of late there has been many queries to me about Chin translation.Contact us for any Chin languages translations, now!

Although there are many translation services around the world, they don’t have first language speakers in Chin language. So these translation services/companies often contact me on sub-contract basis. So, I thought customers will save by dealing directly with me and getting their translation done by me. Also they get native speakers of the languages to work for them.
Since Chin itself is not a single language our services include the major Chin languages or dialects.
That means, we have:
  • English to Tedim Chin translation services
  • English to Haka Chin translation (Note: Haka is often written as Khalkha as well)
  • English to Falam Chin translation
  • Tedim Chin to English translation (Note: Tedim is often written as Tiddim or Teddim as well)
  • Haka Chin to English translation
  • Falam Chin to English translation
  • Burmese to English translation
  • English to Burmese translation
Why us?
  • Native Chin language speakers as translators
  • Very reasonable rates as compared to translation companies without native speakers
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Payment via Paypal – easy and secure.
How to contact us?
  • Contact us via our contact form.
  • Mention your source language and the language you want translated to – eg. English to Tedim Chin, Haka Chin or Falam Chin or vice versa.
  • Please mention your budget so we save time and effort getting back and forth on price/rates.
  • Also mention the format you want the translation in eg MS Word, PDF or Text.
  • When you might require your script back – turnaround time (TAT).
Contact us for any Chin languages translations, now!

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