5 Reasons to Have Your Video Blogs and Podcasts Transcribed

Podcasts and video blogs are great for allowing people to express their ideas, opinions and views in a more natural form with facial expressions and vocal tones. They prevent the loss of such visual and vocal cues like sarcasm or anger, which can be misconstrued in the written form. Despite this, there are still many reasons to have video blogs, or vlogs, and podcasts transcribed.

Search Engine Indexing

One huge benefit to transcribing podcasts and video blogs is because in their audio form, content from podcasts and video blogs cannot be found by search engines. By transcribing these, the written form becomes searchable by search engines, thus increasing the podcast or vlog’s accessibility.

A Wider Market

Simply put, some people simply don’t like listening to podcasts or video blogs and instead prefer to read the information. The instant gratification of visual accessibility of written words may be preferential to certain people; though others may simply prefer the written format because they retain the information better when it is read rather than listened to. By accommodating these people, a podcast or video blog can create a larger following.

Creating Accessible Quotes

Some vlogs and podcasts benefit from being ‘quotable’ and this is even more true when those quoting can easily find the quote they are looking for without having to listen to the entire broadcast. Having quotes around the web on other websites can help drive more listeners and readers to the podcasts or vlogs.

Additional Product

By transcribing a vlog or podcast, the creator has the potential to turn these transcriptions into additional products. This could include eBooks, print books, blogs or other websites. This can lead to additional monetary income through advertising and additional page views as with online publication. Additional products translates into additional income and a larger following.

Personal Reference

Transcripts do not have to be published, but having them on hand can benefit the creator. After so many podcasts or vlogs have been produced, it can be difficult to remember exactly where or if something was said. Having transcripts can help the creator or followers search back to find quotes, references or specific guest speakers.

In short, transcribing a video blog or podcast has a number of benefits. Not only does it create a written record, it also can help promote the podcast or vlog through search engines and create a larger following. It can create additional income for the creator or it can simply be a reference point for future needs.

About the Author: Patty Kleen is a full-time writer with a passion for helping entrepreneurs find their way, no matter what business they’re in. She enjoys writing about personal finance, credit repair, and secure bad credit loans.