How to Translate a Paper Document (Even if Someone Wrote Your Paper for Money for You)

A paper document is a piece of a written material put down on paper so that it can be read. When someone puts down something good in their paper, it could be; an essay, an article or a poem, whatever form of writing it is, it may need to be translated. That kind of translation requires expertise because the meaning has to remain as it was in the original document. Even if someone wrote your paper for money in the service like or other.

These are some of the ways in which you can use to translate a paper document

Have Your Sentences as Brief as Possible

This means that you have not to include everything that is in the original material but that which makes sense. Short and precise sentences will give a summary of the long sentence that is in the original text. This saves time to the readers and shows that the translator has understood the text very well.

Use a Single Term to Represent a Similar Concept

It may sound as redundancy, but using the same word, not their synonym is a great way to help in retaining what has been written in a translated document. Using synonyms will reduce the memory span of a translation because each new synonym will be a new word to some of the readers yet it means the same thing.

Embrace Paraphrasing as a Style Rather Than Word-for-Word

Translating something word-for-word is not the most creative way of doing a paper translation. It is advisable that the translator paraphrases the sentences, assuming they understand them and then write down a phrase according to its denotation. This makes it easier for the natives of the translated language to understand what has been translated.

Paper documents are not as hard to translate because you are at liberty to consult if you are not sure with a word. Thanks to the internet that can be resolved faster. Alternatively, you can always have someone else to scan through your work so that they can figure out if there is anything that you might have left out as a translator. They make comments that will help you have a better-translated document as compared to the one that you had translated alone.

How Should Freelance Translators Price Their Services?

If you used to work in the office all your life, it might be pretty scary to start freelancing. But don’t worry! If you decided to become a freelance translator, you are heading in the right direction.

The first thing you should do to become successful is to price your services reasonably. If you have no idea how to calculate the translation rate, check out the following helpful tips.


The most important factor, which influences the price of translation services, is the experience of the freelancer. Just like at any other job, a client will not pay you big money, if you are not able to perform your task successfully.

If you lack experience, don’t overprice your services. You should start working at a minimal rate. As soon as you improve your performance, you will be able to raise the translation cost.

Language pair

By PickWriters translation price always depends on the source language and target language. For instance, if you translate English to Spanish, you will find it challenging to get high-paying orders. The problem is that supply for this language pair is higher than demand.

But if you translate Russian to Japanese or Ukrainian to Croatian, you can price your services very high. There are not so many freelance translators online, who can complete this job. So, your clients will have no other options but hire you and pay you as much as you request.

Niche translation

As a rule, there is always a high demand for translators with a background in mechanical, electrical, engineering, aviary, IT, energy or automotive industries. For this reason, if you are an expert in one of these niches, you can set a higher translation price. Don’t miss a chance to apply your knowledge to increase your income!

For instance, there is no sense to translate articles related to the marketing, if clients are not going to pay you more than $0.15 per word. It’s much better to translate technical documentation and operation manuals and charge $0.25 per word. You should build your online reputation, and then you will not face any difficulties in getting new high-paying orders.


If you are ready to work on urgent orders, you are eligible to price your services higher. Obviously, if you are forced to work more intensively to complete translation faster, your efforts should be rewarded. As a freelancer, you should negotiate a rush rate with your client and mention it in your contract.

You can design a flexible pricing scheme. For instance, you can offer your clients to pay $0.10 per word if they want to get the translated document in a week, $0.12 – in two days, $0.14 – in a day, and $0.16 – within 12 hours. So, you will be able to earn more translating the same documents, if you boost your speed.

Freelance platform fee

When you calculate the translation rate, don’t forget that freelance platform will charge you with the transactional fee. For instance, if you use Upwork, you will pay a service fee, which is equal to 20% of total income.

So, before setting a price for your services, you should define how much money you want to earn and then add a commission. For instance, if you aim to receive $350 on your bank account, you should request your client to pay you $437.5.

In conclusion

Income of a freelance translator depends on numerous factors. For this reason, you can always find a way to improve your performance and, consequently, increase the price of your services. Never stop mastering your foreign language skills, and you will always keep ahead of the competition.

Freelancer vs. Translation Firm: Why You Should Hire a Translation Firm to Do the Entire Job for You

Once your company decides to venture into a foreign market, it is outright that you will require the services of a professional translation firm. You have to consider many factors before engaging any translation firm because, when it comes to translation, the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not apply.

When searching for a translator, you require a company that guarantees professional and accurate work irrespective of the type of work you need to translate. Currently, translation has become very imperative for efficient communication for many businesses. That is why hiring a professional translation firm contributes profoundly to the success of your business enterprise.

Why Is a Translation Firm Imperative?

There are myriads of reasons as to why any company or business going global should hire a professional translation firm. Not only are they equipped with members of staff that know a vast array of languages, but also who ensure that they translate your documents or messages without doing any alteration to the intended meaning. They also work within the stipulated timelines ensuring that they deliver and localize all the words and documents on a timely basis.

Many benefits emanate from hiring a certified translation firm, any company that has a global presence will tell you for free. Here are a few of those advantages:

  1. Saves time and money

Although an individual or company may opt to hire a freelance translator instead of a professional translation firm, they are bound to save time and money by settling for the latter. A freelance translator may get the job done; however, he or she may not produce the same results as a professional translation firm would.

Translating Bengali to English requires a skill that one should master for a long time to execute it accurately. Certified translation firms are equipped with the power and expertise to deliver accurate and high-quality work within the stipulated timeline, compared to other alternatives. It saves you the hassle of having to keep on looking for translators all the time.

  1. Provides localization

Before your business goes global, you need to do a lot beside translating your website’s content into various languages. An excellent translation firm will ensure that your business gets a professional localization, which entails looking at its design and content thoroughly.

Thus, the firm will do everything, from the business’s website to graphics and multimedia, is culturally and regionally acceptable. The design helps the company succeed wherever it ventures.

The Word Point is one professional translation firm that offers localization as well as other services to its clients. What is most attractive about them is that they provide their services in packages so that clients can choose what suits their needs with ease. They also categorize, and price, their services according to the industry as well as how involving the job is.

  1. Ease of translation of technical content

While some content is quite easy to translate, some are technical and complex; thus difficult to decipher. However, since the material is significant for your business as well as the people that require the information, this is where professional translation firms come in. The firms own skilled translators for every translation service that your business might require; hence, you need not worry about how or who will translate those very complex documents.

  1. Can handle a large quantity of work

Hiring one translator to handle all your business’s translation needs might cause them to struggle to meet the scheduled timelines. Therefore, it may inconvenience you especially if you have a deadline to meet and a lot of work to translate.

That is why hiring a translation company is ideal. They always have a big team of translators who can work on your project on a timely basis.

  1. Bridge the gap between cultures

The most satisfying thing about professional translation firms is the fact that they hire translators in their native language. The fact that they have sound knowledge, understanding of the language and culture, influences translation a great deal. They are in a better position when it comes to interpretation, compared to a person who has learned the language or one who does not understand both the language and culture in question.

  1. Provides a trained and highly skilled workforce

The term professional translation firm speaks for itself. Working with them guarantees an experienced and qualified workforce dedicated to delivering excellent translation services. And if an issue occurs during translation, the entire team assists in sorting it out as compared to a single person.

From the above pointers, we can make out that professional translation firms play a significant part in the success of any business with a global presence. Not only do they ensure that the messages and documentation involved in the business transaction get the accurate translation and on time, but also ensures that they preserve the intended meaning.