4 Best Podcast Managers for iPhone

Listening to podcasts has become a way of life. With so many good podcasts from bloggers no wonder iPhone users are in need of a good podcast manager.

Here is 4 of the best podcast managers for iPhone.

  1. Downcast – Downcast handles practically every podcast need you’ve got, offering easy updating, streaming, multitouch gestures, and much more. Price $2.
  2. iPhone’s built-in iPod app – this is on every iPhone and free. It lack automatic updating.
  3. Podcaster 4 – Priced at $2. Very similar to Downcast. It can even backup and restore to Dropbox.
  4. Podcatcher – Priced at $2. Similar to Downcast and podcaster; does what it’s supposed to do but lacks in its abilities.
Get one of these on your iPhone and enjoy your favorite podcasts on the go!