11 Benefits of Podcast Transcription for Podcast Bloggers

Do you have transcripts of your podcasts on your blog or website? Do you know why Problogger, one of the biggest blogs, is providing transcript of his video podcast?

Most podcast bloggers fail to take advantage of their podcasts fully.

Providing transcripts of your podcasts demand more time and effort on your part. It is hard work.  If you can’t do it yourself it will costs money to provide transcripts of video posts and audio podcasts.

It’s also true that some people prefer listening to podcasts on their iPods and iPhones. But it’s also true that most online readers would rather quickly skim blog posts.

Here are 11 Reasons why you should provide transcripts of your podcasts:

  1. Posting the transcripts of your podcasts to your blog/website provides the rich text content for search engines to index. Most search engines do not index your audio file. To get traffic to your site, you need regular, quality text content.
  2. Your podcast listeners will enjoy having a text version side by side while listening for reference and skim. By providing all the options for your audience, they will remember which podcasts are more user friendly than others. What is important is that the audience is given a choice.
  3. Some people simply prefer to read the content rather than listen. Many use the content as a reference for further studies and research. Reading a transcript can also be helpful if the voices on the podcast are hard to understand.
  4. By providing podcast transcripts, you are broadening your audience and reaching more people like hearing impaired people.
  5. The transcripts of podcasts can be used as blog posts.
  6. Transcripts of your podcasts can also be turned into ebooks.
  7. It’s easier to monitize your podcasts with accompanying transcripts using contextual ads like Google AdSense.
  8. You are over-delivering when you provide transcripts of podcasts.
  9. You are one step ahead of your competition, who has no transcripts, with podcast transcription.
  10. It is possible to link to other relevant blog posts and resources from within the podcast transcripts.
  11. For most people English is their second or even third language.  They may not comprehend fully from what they hear, but with transcripts it becomes easier for them to understand what you say.

As bloggers and online content producers we must always look for ways and means to improve our blogs.  One simple way is to utilize podcast transcription to multiply and repurpose our blog contents.  Podcast bloggers especially cannot afford to neglect their reading audience. Bloggers should help their readers as much as they can – including providing transcripts of their podcasts.

When you provide transcripts of your videos and audios, it makes your offering more special and therefore, premium. And, that is what each podcast blogger should aim for – quality contents.

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