Transcriptionist For Bloggers (TFB) is an exclusive transcription service for online entrepreneurs like bloggers, marketing experts, social media consultants and online businesses.

We exclusively transcribe online audios and videos for online success.

Carey Suante started TFB in 2008 realizing the opportunity to help online communities with transcripts of audios and videos that help content producers with optimization and monetization of their contents.

He has extensive hands-on experience in digital transcription, editing, proof-reading and copy typing.

Carey works closely with all clients and transcriptionists to ensure every project meets our highest standards.

TFB aims to provide you with high quality podcast transcripts and products by re-purposing your podcasts into ebooks, articles, books and other premium contents. If you need any kind of translation choose the best translation site from the list.

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We offer, apart from podcast transcription, other general transcriptions such as legal transcription, real estate transcription, and medical research transcriptions on our website, TranscriptionPro.net

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