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One easy and simple way to improve the stickiness of your online business is to covert your videos and podcast audios and post them on your website.

The quickest way to monetize your podcasts or Youtube tutorials is to get them transcribed and re-purpose them into books/ebooks and courses.

Selling your own books and products will greatly improve your brand visibility and authority.

We are your perfect partners to improving your online business.  Why? Because our transcripts are professionally edited by removing false starts, mistakes, and annoying unconscious speech patterns making them easy to read and print-ready.

We keep the personality of the speaker, but just make it flow better. We make readability and visual presentation a priority that benefits your customers.

Getting your audio and video professionally transcribed makes it easy to:

  • Create new products from audio and video you already have
  • Repurpose your podcasts into blog posts, articles, and ebooks
  • Improve SEO with video transcripts on YouTube and your blog
  • Add value to your membership sites
  • Give more value to joint venture partners
  • Gain time to work on revenue-building activities.

Our specialty is working bloggers, online marketers, coaches, authors, and speakers, particularly in the internet marketing industry.

Carey has helped me out with podcast transcription since my podcast first launched, and I’ve had numerous readers comment on my blog thanking me for the transcription because they’re unable to listen to the podcast. I highly recommend you get a transcription of all your podcasts and Carey is perfect.


What’s next?

Easily Monetize Your Audio and Video Recordings Professionally-Edited Transcripts Today.

Building a profitable online business has a lot of moving parts, so be sure you’re making the most of everything you do. We can help you get lots more mileage from your audio and video content by providing great transcripts that give the best value for you and your customers.

Carey Suante

Transcriptionist For Bloggers

To learn more about our services write to us at

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